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Celine invented the signature Replica Celine Bags in 1896. Then he patented the design worldwide and it successfully stopped the counterfeit. The symbols of the Replica Celine Bags were inspired by the Japanese Mon designs from the Victorian era.

The Replica Celine Bags is well-known in today’s high fashion. And it represents status, craftsmanship, style and the brand Louis Vuitton. But throughout the years, there are many versions of the Replica Celine Bags. Last year alone, there were more than 5 variations created of the Replica Celine Bags including the Reversed Monogram. And belief me, there will be much more in the future. So how can we keep track of all those different Replica Celine Bags? How about putting them together under one roof?

When thinking about Louis Vuitton, everyone points to the Replica Celine Bags. But the Damier Canvas is actually much older. The Damier is invented in 1888 when Louis Vuitton was still alive and running the company. The Monogram Infrarouge was introduced in the Spring Summer 2015 Collection. The red fire and bold type of the Monogram was unleashed like a bottle of poison. The combination of black and red is definitely eye-catching. We have written an overview of the Monogram Infrarouge Collection.

Replica Celine Bags

The Monogram Revered is a modern version of the Replica Celine Bags. The design is inspired by Nicolas Ghesquière’s work and it’s basically bi-colored brownish coated canvas. This type of style was first-seen in 2016. The Monogram Jungle Dots was a capsule collection from the year 2016. Inspired by the French art technique ‘deceive the eye’, Nicolas Ghesquière introduced the Monogram Trompe L’oeil Screen. This type of Monogram is embellished on the iconic handbags like the Speedy Bag.

In the current fashion era, the mix of Monogram with Leather is very common. The newest Georges Bag was created in Monogram but refined with tufted two-tone strip in calf leather trim. This type of combination is quite fresh and introduced in mid 2018.

There are moments when Louis Vuitton allows top-notch designers like Kim Jones to reinterpret their famous Replica Celine Bags. This Monogram Split Line Pattern is first-seen on the Spring Summer 2018 runway. The Articles De Voyage translates to travel articles and it’s an exclusive line of the house. But the 2017 edition was truly a new eye-opener. These bags were made with Monogram but embellished with colorful patterns.

The Replica Fendi Bags ​comes in different variations including full leathers. However, there are also versions mixed with Canvas. Designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection. The V logo caught a lot of fashionista’s attention.